Business Scenarios

It publishes and manages valuable data assets (such as data sets, models, data usage guidelines, etc.) within the enterprise in a unified way.It allows employees to search and use these data assets as catalogs, which facilitates the sharing of data assets within the enterprise and enhances the reusablity of assets.

How does it accurately measure the data?
The number of data sets, null values, and field value distribution are measured with data trend analysis, monitoring, and alarming.
How are data relationships defined?
By making good use of the connections and entity relationships (ER) among datasets, the value of data can be explored, the company's decision-making can improve, and business goals can be realized.
Quick retrieval of data assets:
With a Google-like search engine, it helps to find the data assets you want by matching keywords across multiple dimensions of content (names, descriptions, comments, etc).

Quick understanding of data assets:
Quickly view corporate data assets with different subject domains in the data map, get a quick overview at the connection of the datasets, assess data trends, and get a quick understanding of the data.

Provides you with:

Share and collaborate on data assets through directories:

The data producer shares the data assets through the data directory, and the data users view information related to the assets, including the sample data, the field specification, the relationship, etc. to describe usage methods and effectiveness of the data asset. The data producers and users can collaborate through the directory.

Safe and secure data assets:
Enterprise data assets are protected by sophisticated access control rights: different users have different permissions at different times, detailed operations logs of data asset users are recorded, and security audits are conducted.

Provide open data asset management and functions:
It provides a data asset operations API that supports management operations such as publishing assets through API and general functions like copy/paste, etc.

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