Beauty Industry Solutions
Based on TalkingData data ecosystem, create a new closed loop of marketing practice with a more consumer targeted tactic, effective media matrix and reasonable budget allocation, to reach consumer groups and further cut cost and enhance efficiency.
Data Empowerment � Safety & Compliance � Global Marketing
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Business Pain Points and Challenges
Unclear Consumer Portraits
There are too many data sources to analyse, while first-party data only depicts the interaction between consumers and brands, but fails to reflect consumers' behavior on other platforms
Hard to Measure Performance of Front and Back End
The data link between the marketing end and the sales end is broken, making it impossible to realize a full chain attribution analysis or make subsequent platform-based strategies
Industry Solutions
Empowered by recommendation algorithms and data mining, unlock data value, enable global and targeted marketing
Core Advantages
A safe and compliant data ecosystem capable of predicting the overall profile of consumers;
A safe and compliant data ecosystem capable of predicting the overall profile of consumers;
We connect data ecosystems in the front and back ends, and help the execution of marketing strategies.
Data application enabling marketing strategy
Related Data Products
Brand Growth
Aims to increase growth in brand value throughout the full brand marketing chain. This data-based product helps advertisers to customize media plans, monitor advertising, and evaluate marketing effectiveness.
TalkingSmart DMP
We effectively store advertising monitoring data and accumulate data assets, provide safe and compliant multi-party data tracking, empower both marketing and operation, and boost brand marketing effect and ROI.
Related Data Service
Marketing Rating Service
We integrate complex and numerous fragmented data, carry out traffic screening, user stratification and valuation in the early stage of advertising, improve marketing planning and enhance marketing delivery efficiency.
Data Tagging Service
By creating user portraits with multi-dimensional data, we customize personalized user operation strategies for enterprises to empower business growth.
High-potential Customer Group Tapping Service
We focus on scenario-based marketing, dig deep into the characteristics of high-potential users, and help clients tap high-potential customers in a targeted way.
Client Case
  • During our long-term cooperation with L'Oreal Group on the "Data Empowerment Targeted Marketing" project, TalkingData provided data tagging service for the beauty giant, which not only added more dimensions to user insight, provided more tag screening options for target group operation, but also enriched the consumer characteristic libarary of the client, which is the basis of building a high-potential consumer filter model and improving model's accuracy;
  • In 2020, the consumer groups selected by our algorithm model had contributed 63% of the annual revenue growth;
  • We provided targeted group marketing strategies, target group data packs and high-potential consumer group data packs for 160 + brands across the group. Compared with the marketing result on random existing consumer group, the conversion efficiency of target consumer group had increased at least three folds, and reached nine folds at the highest.

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