Application Scenario

From beauty, daily chemicals, automobiles, food to beverage industries, we focus on intensive cultivation in vertical fields, help partners to embrace digital marketing, and realize the integration of sales, marketing effect and efficiency of the brand

Visualized Full Chain Refined Operation

Based on the massive, safe and compliant data resources of TalkingData, we build an APP data tag system, which can provide thousands of tag combinations, covering rich dimensions such as users' basic attributes, interests, commodity preferences, offline activity scenarios, etc., in ways that diversify and complement users' portraits.

At the same time, centering on the five consumer behavior stages of "reach-cognition-interest-conversion-loyalty", we provide intelligent operation services such as high-potential consumer group tapping and effect measurement, integrating marketing effect, efficiency and sales, and progressing the steady accumulation of brand data assets.

Digital Marketing Enabled by Smart Data

Explore SDK related behavior data, provide data reference for marketing strategy

User Portrait

Quick and batch establish user portraits

High-potential Consumer Group

We put equal emphasis on consumer reach and accurate delivery, and tap high-potential target customers

Rating Model

Various model algorithms locate the target audience with high potential of conversion

Effect Measurement

We attribute the sales to coverage and users' clicks on advertisements, and quantify the campaign delivery outcomes

TalkingData Safe Island

We realize multi-party data integration and maximise data value on the premise of ensuring data safety and compliance

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