Application Scenario

Financial risk control products focus on the financial industry, deeply cultivate banking, consumer finance, internet finance and other fields, effectively help financial institutions prevent financial fraud risks, reduce bad debt rates, and realize digital transformation.

Assist in identifying online fraud risks and predicting users' credibility

TalkingData has been deeply engaged in the financial field, processing and evaluating massive data in a comprehensive way. The company's self-developed algorithm is based on genetic algorithm feature selection technology, bifurcation semi-supervised learning technology, sample transfer learning algorithm, etc., which is capable of comprehensively processing and evaluating the data of each dimension, deeply understanding the characteristics of the target scenario, integrating the data of users' online behavior, behavior preference on the device, consumption behavior, etc. On this basis, we present the data analysis results, and help partners reduce the bad debt rate among users in the qualification review phase.

We identify abnormal financial risk behaviors and take precautions in advance

Multi-dimensional Analysis of Potential Risks

Weak Variable � Multi-dimension � Strong Predictive Ability

We explore and extract effective variables from massive SDK related behavior data, integrate complex and numerous fragmented data, and present a financial risk control model with strong predictive ability.

Technology Empowers the Financial Industry

We safeguard the financial and credit business with compliant data and technical means

Risk Assessment

Analysis and evaluation based on user data help keep risks at bay

Technology Capacity

Deep accumulation of technologies such as machine learning and deep learning

Tailor-made Strategy

On the basis of general strategy, provide customized strategy according to the characteristics of the user group

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