Fintech Product Solutions
TalkingData financial technology solutions rely on intelligent marketing and risk control technology, covering business processes such as financial marketing, and helping our partners create more value for their business.
Intelligent Marketing � Risk Assessment � Quota and Interest Rate Assessment � Management During Lending
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Business Pain Points and Challenges
Hard to Acquire Customers Amid High Costs
Marketing can bring positive/negative impacts on the quality of acquired customer and user acquisition cost. How to find target customers through marketing campaigns? How to cut customer acquisition cost? And how to well manage and retain existing customer base?
Hard to Identify Fraud Risks
Fraud occurs frequently in complex and diverse forms. Fraud cost has become the main constituent of risk cost of many financial enterprises. How to quickly identify fraud risks?
Hard to Measure Customer Risk
With the rapid development of domestic financial market and small-town and rural markets, the increasing demands of customer risk assessment has become a difficult problem for financial enterprises. How to analyze and predict customer risks? How to price risks reasonably?
Hard to Predict Cumulative Risk
How to quickly discover the volatility of customer risks and analyze the risks of existing clients is also a difficult problem faced by financial institutions.
Product Solutions
Intelligent marketing Intelligent Risk Control
Intelligent marketing
Based on TalkingData's massive compliance policy ecosystem and rich marketing solution experience, we provide data support and products for different marketing scenarios. We help financial institutions locate and reach target customers, increase marketing conversion rate, and improve the quality of reached users.
Core Advantages
Massive and rich data ecosystem, safe, compliant and stable
Extensive and diverse marketing product portfolio, adapting to different business demands and shooting problems in a targeted manner
We support various business cooperation methods, such as monthly fee mode, billing mode and profit sharing mode
Intelligent Risk Control
We create an overall risk control solution relying on TalkingData's massive compliance policy ecosystem and big data risk control technology, and combining the multi-dimensional data of partner institutions. We provide risk control supplementary solutions such as information analysis, fraud risk identification, customer risk assessment, quota and interest rate assessment, and real-time monitoring during lending.
Core Advantages
A wide range of risk control products, catered for different risk control business scenarios
Massive and rich data ecosystem, safe, compliant and stable
Our remarkale products help form strong and solid partnerships with many financial institutions
Related Data Service
Financial Risk Control Service
We effectively help financial institutions prevent financial fraud risks, lower debt rates, and help financial institutions to realize digital transformation.
Joint Modeling Service
We offer a massive compliance policy ecosystem that helps data modeling for various business scenarios. The access to our cutting-edge algorithms will bolster the capability of the models.
Data Tagging Service
By creating user portraits with multi-dimensional data, we customize personalized user operation strategies for enterprises to empower business growth.

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