Application Scenario

We focus on segmented business scenarios, identify target audiences, help companies tap high-value users, provide data reference for refined operations, and improve user conversion rate.

We accurately identify and reach the target consumer group, and increase the conversion rate

TalkingData focuses on segmented business scenarios, processes and evaluates fragmented data in a comprehensive way. With the company's self-developed algorithms, we integrate internal multi-dimensional data, build a product marketing prediction model through deep neural network, gradient promotion decision tree, KNN and other model algorithms, to evaluate the existing value and potential value of different customer groups, comprehensively evaluate and stratifies customers, screen high-intention customers, and boost the marketing effect.

Refined Operation Enabled by Smart Data

Explore SDK related behavior data, provide data reference for marketing strategy

White List

We use industry-specific business factors to screen out high-potential users

Marketing Rating

We can identify high-value target audiences for segmented business scenarios individually

Traffic Identification

We identify abnormal traffic such as traffic fraud, bonus hunter and malicious attacks

Application Characteristics

We can apply generalization methods on models deployed in Apps to improve model efficiency

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