Data Tagging Service
Accurate user portraits, real effect improvement, and multi-dimensional big data support
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Why our tagging service is trustworthy
We are deeply engaged in SDK business for over 10 years, covering 450,000 + apps and 750 million devices.
Daily-updated data, instant user portrait generation and millisecond-level interface response.
Rich internal and external data sources, multi-dimensional cross-validation and feedback enhance the accuracy of data indicators.
We have created a wide range of data tags covering diverse dimensions, services and applications, and provide professional data service.
What can I do with the tagging service?
Targeted Marketing
Through professional user profiling service, locate target customers for accurate advertisment delivery
Consumer Group Insight
By creating user portraits with multi-dimensional data, we customize personalized user operation strategies for enterprises to empower business growth
Joint Modeling
Based on differentiated model strategy, we provide well-customized service solutions for different business scenarios

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