TalkingSmart DMP offers

Multi-channel coverage for convenient delivery

TalkingSmart DMP has reached cooperation with dozens of mainstream media and DSP platforms in the industry to form an integrated data pool. Advertisers can directly select the targeted consumer groups and choose relevant channels for marketing, sparing complicate cross-platform adaption.

A Closed Loop of Targeted Marketing

TalkingSmart DMP has four core advantages: global data management, a closed loop of targeted marketing, intelligent insight and highly scalable architecture, and connects the full process of data management, data processing, data analysis and data application, forming a closed loop of targeted marketing for brand marketing.

Efficient and Compliant Integration of Marketing Data Assets

TalkingSmart DMP can help advertisers integrate marketing data assets efficiently and compliantly, and empower targeted marketing through advertising monitoring data value mining and multi-party data connection.

Safe and Compliant Data Asset

Combined with TalkingData Safe Island service, multi-party data connection and analysis are realized in a safe and compliant way in our client exclusive cloud storage.

Data Accumulation and Value Mining

The advertising monitoring data can be accumulated as part of the marketing assets for further value mining.

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