Joint Modeling Service
We offer a massive compliance policy ecosystem that helps data modeling for various business scenarios. The access to our cutting-edge algorithms will bolster the capability of the models.
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Application Scenario
Based on TalkingData' data middle office, partners can analyze and tap into the aggregated and non-identifiable data to form data models and products matching their own business scenarios. Our business models cover targeted marketing, financial risk control, regional insight and other fields, and are widely deployed in many industries and scenarios such as IT, finance, automobile and real estate.
Build smart models based on advanced algorithms
Based on our in-depth knowledge on the target scenario and build a data model with strong predictive ability
Risk Rating
We evaluate credit status and fraud risk of the applicants, and assist partners to reduce bad debt rate during qualification review phase
Marketing Rating
We evaluate customer value, stratify customer groups, screen customers with strong intention for marketing delivery, and cut marketing costs
Application Characteristics
Feature coding low-dimensional vectors, apply generalization methods on models deployed in Apps to improves the capability of data models

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