Business Pain Points and Challenges
Weak User Growth
Stiff competition for traffic/user acquisition and high marketing delivery cost pose challenges for users growth
Complex Conversion
Business scenarios are diverse, and user conversion requires coordination across multiple platforms, making it hard to track the full marketing chain
Diverse User Groups
How to acquire new customers and retain old customers? Different user groups require different operation strategies.
Unmanaged Data Assets
Massive data assets are not managed or left unexplored. How to convert the data value into tangible benefits?
Product Solutions
Full-process data monitoring and behavior analysis of user growth offer enterprises key into insights marketing effects and consumer touch points, bolster refined user operations, discover new growth points, and empower enterprises to increase efficiency.
Core Advantages
We communicate with media outlets and obtain their certifications, provide safe and compliant data that can be used as recognised third-party settlement reference.
Cross-channel data tracking, open up channels across business platforms, and enable cross-channel behavior tracking
Multi-platform data analysis and flexible in-depth analysis, strong data processing capabilities, flexible support for various data analysis scenarios
We explore the value of data assets with data from three parties, and keen insights into users
Related Marketing Products
App Analytics
Helps mobile app developers to collect, process, and analyzes the first-hand data. Analyze user behavior and improve product design.
Ad Tracking
Helps advertisers optimize advertising strategies and monitor ad performance. This neutral third-party mobile ad performance tracking platform also provides statements for advertisers and channel providers to settle their accounts.

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