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We connect online and offline data, establish a closed loop of global marketing and operation, realise effective customer data accumulation, reduce the cost per lead, so as to boost efficiency.
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Business Pain Points and Challenges
Scatterd Data Source
Online and offline data are separated and stored in various data islands, which cannot be managed uniformly
Poor Quality
There are too many false or low-value business leads, make it impossible to tap high-value consumers
Low Conversion Rate
Due to long decision-making cycle and constantly changing consumer attributes, it is impossible to gain in-depth insight into targeted communications
Difficult Data Verification
The marketing chain is incomplete. It is impossible to track and evaluate the quantity and conversion rate of leads collected from every media channels
Industry Solutions
Allowing effective use of all data accumulated in the marketing chain, accruately locate consumers among omni-channel users, and enable refined operation of full-cycle covering multiple touch points
Core Advantages
We support monitoring and collecting 95% + mainstream media data, 80% + high-value data, and accumulate brand data assets;
Based on our rich data and algorithms, we have created 600 + tags in 7 dimensions to further unlock consumers' potential value
With cutting-edge algorithm and modeling capacity, smart models such as high-potential consumer filter model and RFM model that link the front and back ends of the process can be built, and in turn help achieving targeted marketing and refined operation of business
Related Data Products
Brand Growth
Aims to increase growth in brand value throughout the full brand marketing chain. This data-based product helps advertisers to customize media plans, monitor advertising, and evaluate marketing effectiveness.
Smart Marketing Cloud
Provides a comprehensive solution including customer segmentation, user insights, targeted advertising, and objective monitoring. It enables users to better understand market patterns and future directions.
Super Data Management Platform
We effectively store advertising monitoring data and accumulate data assets, provide safe and compliant multi-party data tracking, empower both marketing and operation, and boost brand marketing effect and ROI.
Related Data Service
Data Tagging Service
By creating user portraits with multi-dimensional data, we customize personalized user operation strategies for enterprises to empower business growth.
Joint Modeling Service
We offer a massive compliance policy ecosystem that helps data modeling for various business scenarios. The access to our cutting-edge algorithms will bolster the capability of the models.
High-potential Customer Group Tapping Service
We focus on scenario-based marketing, dig deep into the characteristics of high-potential users, and help clients tap high-potential customers in a targeted way.
Client Case
Leapmotor-Brand Growth Advertising Tracking Solution. By applying Talkingdata?s Brand Growth advertising tracking code in advertisement slots on Haowai App, we can track the actual exposure, click and general invalid traffic (GIVT) of each slot respectively. By removing invalid data, we can provide more accurate delivery report to the client, make sure their scheduling is effectively performed and the delivery target is met. In Leapmotor?s case, the exposure rate (w/o GIVT) arrives at 119.6%. This figure is served as a reference for delivery fee settlement between Leapmotor and the advertising platform.

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