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Beijing Tendcloud Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “we/us” or “TalkingData” collectively ), as a company focusing on internet comprehensive data service.
We pay much attention to protection of personal information and privacy in data service all the time. We comply with general and reasonable standard of industry to protect the safety and confidentiality of information we have stored, including but not limited to:

1. Encrypted data;
2. Limited access to data center;
3. Confidential agreement with employee and security management system;
4. It is impossible to map to an identifiable individual by using any of the data. After encryption and translation, all data can only be used to describe statistical properties of the population. In addition, it does not contain any private or identifiable information.

Even though we take your privacy seriously, we understand that you may still prefer to opt-out from being included in TalkingData services. To opt-out, please use the form below:

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How do I find my device ID?

You can find one of several free apps on the Android Marketplace to look up your Android ID.
You can find one of several free apps on the Apple AppStore to look up your IDFA. To find one, search for the terms "device identifier" within the App Store and select one of the many apps that indicates display of the IDFA
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