Enterprise operation analysis platform

TalkingData Enterprise Operation Analysis Platform is a synthetic mobile-operation data management platform that is exclusively designed for enterprise clients. This special offering helps to improve user experience and service quality of enterprise mobile apps and operational results, which supports commercial innovation based on big data.

Real-time monitor of key metrics

Trend comparison and channel analysis for classified user groups

Conversion funnel for customized event

Cross-app and cross-platform data analysis


First-party DMP Solution

TalkingData's DMP platform offers data collection, integration and operational analysis, and marketing and results-monitoring. DMP helps enterprises analyze user behavior, mine user value, optimize advertising strategy, and improve marketing effectiveness.
Multi-source data integration and management
Building user models
Precise advertising placement


  • 图标Demographic characteristics
  • 图标APP preferences
  • 图标Lifestyle
  • 图标Shopping preferences
  • 图标Spending capability

O2O solution

TalkingData's O2O Solution integrates users' online and offline data and realizes precise user profiling and marketing. It offers data support for analysis of operational decisions and helps enterprises activate offline resources as well.
This eventually helps acquire more sales opportunities to build and complete an overall O2O strategy that precisely targets potential customers, helps acquire more sales opportunities for brick-and-mortar stores through monitoring and analyzing consumer offline visiting behavior, and effectively evaluates the results of mobile advertising.


Industry-specific reports


Trusted by Top Customers

TalkingData's enterprise-level data solutions have successfully been implemented by banking, securities, aviation, e-commerce, and telecom companies, etc. Our client list includes Pingan, China Merchants Bank, Guosen, China Mobile, and many others.


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