Customized TalkingData SDK
for Google Play

Google Play recently strengthened its privacy and security policy. From the very first day, TalkingData kept direct communication with Google Play's developer policy group, and released TalkingData SDK for Google Play for compliance of Google policy.

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Special instructions for SDK Download

Please read above terms carefully. Your download and use of TalkingData SDK and related services means your knowledge, acceptance and consent.

Download Customized SDK


  • 1) In order to publish your app to Google Play, please make sure TalkingData SDK for Google Play has been integrated.
  • 2) TalkingData SDK for Google Play only applies to Google Play, and its distribution channel ID has already been fixed as "".
  • 3) Please use TalkingData Standard SDK for other channels except Google Play.
  • 4) Please DO NOT use "" as channel ID of non Google Play as for other channels, because that may result in incorrect channel statistics.