Mobile Strategy Consulting

We provide mobile product strategic consulting that meets the needs of our customers and helps them gain an advantage in a fiercely competitive market.


Mobile Operation Consulting

Our consulting services provide specific operational programs for optimizing mobile products and businesses by looking at user behavior tracking and analysis.


App Analysis And Optimization Solution

Analyze the current design of user interface, propose optimization solutions, and help enterprises develop product-operation strategy.

Design Event Tracking Plan

Provide enterprise with event tracking principles, implementation methods, and eventually integrate optimized tracking plan for enterprise.

Product Optimization Solution

Plan product prototypes, follow the entire mobile product design process, and facilitate iteration of functions through event-tracking

Data Application Consulting

Establish 360-degree user profiling based on enterprise-specific business features, and help customize marketing plans to win more customers. Achieve precise marketing that converts users into customers and monetizes data.

Product Operational Analysis Reports

Provide operational reports to help the enterprise analyze user behavior data, adjust operational strategy, and support the rapid development of enterprise, including comprehensive product reviews, advertising effectiveness evaluation, and product data analysis, etc.

360-Degree User Profiling

Use TDID to connect online data, offline data, and user tags. Such capabilities help to achieve unified user management and full-fledged demographic, location, and behavior insights. This enables 360-degree user profiling and grouping.

Advertising Placement Monitoring Consulting

TalkingData provides a wide range of tracking metrics, which support the evaluation of multiple clearing methods including CPC, CPT, CPA, etc. based on accurate traffic-conversion data. TalkingData's malicious advertising prevention function can provide a reliable evaluation of marketing effectiveness and has connected with over 300 global ad networks.

Risk Management Data Consulting

Effectively evaluate cost of user acquisition, existing user maintenance, and inactive user activation. Utilize TalkingData's user analysis system (profiling, grouping, tagging) to perform risk control and warnings on enterprise revenue. Control revenue and cost to create more business value.


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