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    Conversion Rate Tracking.

    We help you to track the conversion rate
    and analyze the influences of different social accounts.
    Sub-account analysis helps you to quickly Identify manipulated registrations.

    Reasonable levels of difficulty bring higher retention.

    Analyze task accesses,completion rates,and reasons for failure to reasonably adjust diffculities,have a smoother tutuorial,and achieve a lower churn rate.

    Monitors when users level up to ensure controllable game lifecycle.

    Pays attention to the progress of the top players and followers,
    to avoid fast consumption of game content.
    Improve launch strategy of in-app events to extend how long users play the games.

    Develop and sell virual goods
    to boost revenue.

    Analysis on the best selling virtual goods
    helps you to understand which kind of virtual goods
    your players rely on at different levels,
    which enables you to design better items
    and stimulate consumption.
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