Industry Applications

Smart Location Based Service is committed to providing services that include store location site selection, business district insights, and foot traffic exploration of potential customers for retail, banking, and other industries. Based on quantitative data, it provides support for site selection, opening sites, closing sites, merging sites, and reforming sites.

Where is a better business district?
Where are potential customers?
Will the new store have good business performance?

Smart Select Platform provides you with:


Heat map analysis of customer groups

Select Target Location

Business district target group insights

360-Degree Omni-Directional Support for Site Selection

Smart Select Platform relies on powerful population-based data, geographic information data, and commercial data, combined with classical models and predictive algorithms, to provide companies with a full range of data analytics that help them make better business decisions.

Data makes a difference!

Make good use of location-based advantages to seize opportunities before others do.


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