Real-time customized omni-channel hub

Connect user data from different channels in a people-oriented way, flexibly build business-based operations scenarios, carry out the efficient operations strategies, and help enterprises increase private domain traffic.

Connect data from various channels
Use data to transform enterprises by connecting events, data from various channels, and central management to create a 360-degree panoramic view of users..
Build a user tagging system
By accumulating user data assets and looking at features and multiple types of data, we provide enterprises with an independent user tagging system and best practices for the industry of interest.
Activate omni-channel touchpoints
Automatic process design for business scenarios optimizes the combination of people, time, content, and channels to improve iterative strategies and revitalize private domain traffic.

Data moves faster than marketing

Global data integration
Directly connect to consumers in a cost-effective way across multi channels of data, CRM, ERP, data warehouse, official website, WeChat account, mini program, app, e-commerce platform, offline stores, etc. to gain a comprehensive insight into users.
Rich data types and operators
Standardized event access and metadata management; the system abstracts more than ten types of data; the operating staff will use a visualized interface, which is flexible, transparent, and efficient.
Streaming computing processing framework
Based on the Flink stream processing engine, deliver real-time updates on user characteristics, activity conversion data and recommendation results, and quick insights into user changes, which keeps you one step ahead of everyone else.

One click gives you thousands of individualized strategies

Process design
Process design, drag-and-drop operation, clear logic of activity, and rich coverage of component library marketing scenarios means there is no need to rely on developing technology, which improves marketing efficiency.
Marketing optimization experience
Frequency control across all channels effectively reduces the excessive interruption of marketing to users, which personalizes interactions with users at the right time and improves user experience.
Automated marketing strategy
Automated processes such as built-in A/B testing, matching the best operational strategies, one-click access to best industry practices, and effective response to rapidly changing marketing strategies.
Omni-channel touchpoint activation
Activate and access touchpoints in all channels: WeChat, SMS, mini programs, apps, e-commerce, customer support, shopping guides. Seize every opportunity to connect to users and revitalize private domain traffic.

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