March, 2024

  1. 3 billion data points
    Smart database
  2. 900
    Target group tags
  3. 500
    Attribute indicators

They are all using

Smart Marketing Cloud helps you build multi-dimensional target groups

Lookalike Model

Based on the logistic regression algorithm and the interests of the seed population, a similar population can be predicted according to the model. This builds groups of similar customers based on as many as 3 billion data points.

TalkingData Tagging System

Our team of professional scientists has built over 800 tags in 6 categories based on 250 million daily data points, which allows for combining tags to build target groups.

Latitude and Longitude Location Mapping

Geofences are set up to provide information on business districts, proximity to hospitals, and proximity to transportation hubs in a specific area. Then this information is used to build target groups.

Single ID (TDID)

A unified ID supports target group matching between 6 types of service IDs, which protects data privacy while quickly building target audience segments.

360-Degree Analysis of Target Group Attributes

In addition to demographic information, device attributes, urban penetration, and population migration,
our 360-degree analysis provides information on 11 categories: consumption index, video index, online shopping index, game index, travel index, social index, information index, education index, health index, financial index, and life index.
This helps you to use big data to effective analyze attributes associated with the target groups.


Omni-Channel Marketing

Smart Marketing Cloud is not a traditional marketing service—it provides omni-channel marketing services in addition to RTB-level multimedia mobile advertising services, and it supports traditional SMS, email, and push notifications. Omni-channel marketing greatly enhances marketing experience and overall effectiveness.

Marketing Effectiveness Assessment

Reasonably evaluating marketing effectiveness and analyzing behaviors associated with target groups is very important in marketing. Therefore, Smart Marketing Cloud provides TalkingData Brand Growth Analytics, a leading domestic marketing analysis service which can comprehensively analyze each component of a marketing campaign, provide real-time analysis of the effectiveness of various marketing channels, and build a truly closed-loop marketing campaign (from target group construction to accurate delivery to effectiveness assessment).

Cloud System Data Channel

In order to better provide comprehensive data marketing services, Smart Marketing Cloud has built a dedicated cloud system data channel. You can freely and flexibly add marketing service modules in Smart Marketing Cloud according to your specific needs. You can also integrate all data sources. No longer isolated, data can provide powerful support for data-driven marketing.

We understand China best!

As China's leading independent big data service provider, TalkingData provides best-in-class data services with an in-depth understanding of China's market patterns and trends.


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