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Data Service Partners
We work with a diverse range of partners to provide clients with rich, secured, multi-dimensional data services. Data service partners include diverse data source providers, data algorithms and model providers.
Software and Technology Partners
We work with professional software and technology partners to provide clients with integrated software and solutions. Technology partners include Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), platforms, data applications, large scale data processing and analyzing tools, and developing tools.
Consulting and Service Partners
We work with consulting, implementation and distribution partners in different scales to help clients design, build and manage data platforms and applications. Consulting and service partners include System Integrators (SI), distribution channels, regional service providers, strategic consulting firms and companies that provide consulting services.

Join us at TPN and Build the Big Data Ecosystem Together

TalkingData Brand

We are the independent third-party data company in China. With the neutral positioning, we have strong brand awareness and influence in the field of data and traditional industries. We have been awarded the "Asian Science and Technology Innovation 100" by Red Herring, “KPMG China's leading financial technology company 50 ",“Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor”,"China's top ten economic innovation" by Economic Daily, “Gold Shell Award”by 21st Century Business Herald.

Large scale Human-oriented Data

With the open mind, we provide data services in APIs to partners. Our data comes from 250 million daily active devices, 650 million monthly active devices, 8 billion daily LBS data, 40 million POI, and a diverse range of online and offline data sources which are legal compliant.

Extreme Technology and Products

We have excellent technology to work with you to build business scenarios and intelligent products that can make you gain new understanding of industry. We will co-develop core function modules that bring new value to traditional software. Our technical capabilities include: intelligent SDKs that are used by 5 billion devices and 400k device models, distributed data collector that transfers over 10TB data stably every day, highly efficient Atom Cube engine for multi-dimensional analysis of large scale data, and ID Graph technology that maps data from different sources.

Transboundary Ecosystem

Even if you currently have only limited client resources, through our extensive online and offline ecosystem, we can help you quickly open up the market. Our ecosystem covers 58 of the top 100 Chinese Internet companies by market value, and more than 40 of the top 50 mobile game companies. We service giant players in banks, securities, insurance, Internet finance, residential and retail real estate, aviation, hotels, 3C, Retail, etc. We established strategic partnerships with leading consulting firms, technology and cloud services providers. We jointly build core ecosystem circles via large data industry alliance, TalkingData University, and international collaborations.

Enjoy Your Special Benefits

Explore Your New

We open TalkingData data sandbox service to our partners to explore the data value securely with you. In addition to standardized data services, we also provide partners with various data overlays to enhance data services, including people, objects, fields, time, circle, geography, consumption analysis and analysis of algorithms.

Resources and Tools for Development

We open technology capabilities and to integrate with partners’ solutions. We also support partners to use our highly efficient algorithm libraries, large scale data analytics engines, distributed ambience-awareness frameworks, leading geographic visualization technologies, etc.

Business Support

We provide plenty of training to partners to quickly improve your product from data collection, integration to analytical decision-making capabilities. When you reach a certain level, our BD manager will give you more business support to help grow your business in data industry.

Marketing Support

We provide partners with a range of market and marketing opportunities such as Silicon Valley Tour, TalkingData T11 Summit, numerous cross-industry seminars, and client salons.

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Email to: tpn@tendcloud.com


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