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Using data to transform enterprises and improve our world
Founded in 2011, TalkingData is China's leading third-party data intelligence solution provider. With SmartDP as the core of its data intelligence application ecosystem, TalkingData empowers enterprises and helps them achieve a data-driven digital transformation.In the last seven years, TalkingData's vision of using "big data for smarter business decisions and a better world" has allowed it to gradually become China's leading data intelligence solution provider. TalkingData creates value for clients and serves as their "performance partner," helping modern enterprises achieve data-driven transformation and accelerating the digitization of clients from various industries. Using data-generated insights to change how people see the world and themselves, TalkingData hopes to ultimately improve people's lives.TalkingData not only focuses on the research and development of data intelligence applications, but also actively contributes to the big data industry's technological evolution. Since the company's establishment, TalkingData's data science team has introduced artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning into the processing of mass data. In the past few years, TalkingData has even had a number of national patents in the field of big data and artificial intelligence. In addition, TalkingData has created several open source projects. These include a large-scale machine learning algorithm library called Fregata, a UI component library called iView, and a geographic visualization framework called inMap. The company has received extensive support and recognition both in China and abroad for providing open-source technology to users and contributors living anywhere.At present, TalkingData has established several big data and artificial intelligence labs, including edge computing labs in Silicon Valley and a human-based laboratory in Beijing. It cooperates with the world's top universities and research institutions, including the MIT Media Laboratory, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL), and Caltech Engineering and Applied Science Department of Aerospace (GALCIT). Together, TalkingData and its partners jointly accelerate the exploration and evolution of big data and artificial intelligence-related technologies, introduce international cutting-edge technologies into the rapidly growing Chinese market, and drive the implementation of new technologies in this constantly developing industry.


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TalkingData has a wide range of clients in both Internet and traditional industries. Many well-known internet companies are running their businesses based on our services, including Tencent,Baidu,Netease,Sohu,360,Google,Yahoo,Zynga,PopCap,Jumei,VIP Shop, Didi, etc. Many giants from traditional industries have long been our loyal clients, including China UnionPay,CMB,CIB,CITIC,Ping Ana,Guosen Securities,Haitong Securities ,Orchirly,Country Garden,Hengdeli,City in Love Diamond, etc. We use data to create value and help traditional industries embrace the future of big data.


Industry Awards and Recognition

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Cyzone Annual Conference
Golden-Shell Award of Finance
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